Let the Mainely foggy coast roll in

Tweet tweet the birds wake me up this morning waaaay before 6am but I refuse to get up. We rode 88 miles over the last 2 days, steeeeep miles I must say. And, we know we’re only starting to get a taste of the steep potential of the hills in Maine and beyond.

Part of the adventure in bikepacking is ending up in a different place every night. Monday we landed in a schooner moored in the Camden harbor and I literally slept on the kitchen table down below.

Jen’s other biking buddy Brent is working on the boat this summer and could let us stay on it! We warmed up leftover chicken and rice on a skillet in their dockside BBQ, watched the mist gather around the masts in the harbor. Laying on the grass and listening to live jazz, stretching out my IT bands and hamstrings. After dinner he took us out for a row among the other boats to try and sneak a peek of an island in the thick evening fog.

En route further north, we rode over a majestic bridge to Verona island that offered sweeping views from up high. Little Blue, was wide eyed at the gorgeous vista!

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