Jumping Back in the Saddle 

Took the bus from Boston to Brunswick Maine today with my road bike aka “Sequoia”. She is fully loaded with fifty pounds of gear and food distributed in four panniers. On my way to meet Jen who has been riding for three days from her house in NH.  Our cycling adventure plan is to ride up the coast of Maine, into New Brunswick and around Nova Scotia. We’ll take the ferry back from Yarmouth, NS to Portland a month from now! For me, it’ll be over 1,000 miles!!

For days I had everything laid out on the floor in my apartment as ya got to plan carefully for what you need, but not more than that. Every ounce counts. And, I must live up to my proud reputation as a “weight weenie” ever since Jen discovered on our ride last year that I’d sawed off half of my toothbrush.

Got a text during the bus ride, “Find the Brunswick gazebo and you’ll find me!” Sure enough, there she was sprawled out on the lawn exhausted from 40 miles of insane hills to meet me. I loved the gazebo touch, last year when we rode from New Hampshire to New York over a week, we discovered how awesome gazebos are for yoga/stretch stops, charging phones, escaping downpours and people watching the locals. 

So we soon set off riding on the East Coast Greenway. But, before we left town we decided to check out a swinging bridge across the Androscoggin River. Very cool. Another to add to my favorites list of small town charms and amenities. 

Today was a short day of riding together, only 15 miles. We checked into gotta-love-the-name Chewonki Campground, definitely a pretty spot. Awesome views of tidal wetlands and expansive meadows in the height of summer. 

Chatted for a bit with a friendly woman from Florida here for a few days in an RV en route to NS too. She was a character, monotone voice and enthusiastic. That’s a tough combo to pull off, I think. Really enjoyed her description about sharing a three pound lobster for lunch with her boyfriend but not quite finishing it. We’ll have lobster for lunch tomorrow too…

That’s it for today. Getting sleepy in my tent as I write this while a few fireflies flash nearby. 

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